Book Giveaway ~ Renting Lacy

Renting LacyThis week’s book giveaway is Renting Lacy: A Story of America’s Prostituted Children, by Linda Smith, president and founder of Shared Hope International, with Cindy Coloma.  I wrote about Renting Lacy in a previous post, so please check that out for more information about the book.

From Shared Hope’s website . . .

Step into the darkness of the trafficking underworld. Meet the actual people who live there. Hear their words – and sense the terror and despair. Is there hope?

Decide for yourself. Read this extraordinary book and encounter the truth face-to-face. This is perhaps the most shocking book you’ll ever read . . . but essential reading for every concerned American.

Please be aware that this book deals with mature subject matter and is not appropriate for young readers.

As with last week’s giveaway, to enter this giveaway, click on the “Join giveaway now” button below, and then you’ll have several more ways to enter the drawing.  If you come across any difficulties with the form, or if you have any questions, please let me know.  This giveaway will end on Friday, August 12, at 7:00 AM Mountain Time.


  1. I had seen the movie Taken and Human Trafficking (with Donald Sutherland) but they were just movies, then I went and saw Call and Response and heard some speakers about it happening right here in Toronto (where I live) and started reading about and realized it’s not some far away movie topic, it’s in my neighborhood.

  2. yey!!! I don’t need it, but you know that. 😉

    I really liked this book. I hope you get a lot of people who try to get this book for your giveaway.

  3. From Christa Taylors blog several months ago.

  4. Cindycrooks75 says

    I have been reading many books about human trafficking in the last couple months. I wasnt aware of what a huge problem this is in our world. Knowing that it is happening all around us was such a shocker and an extreme heartbreak. Im reading “Not for Sale” by David Batstone right now and cant turn the page without wipping the tears away first. Im just praying to God eveyday that there can be a stop to all of this.

  5. Jessi Hutchens says

    I heard some activist speakers at Passion 2010 in Atlanta. They talked about the seriousness of Human Trafficking and what they are doing to stop it.  

  6. Ashley MC wa state says

    The A21 Campaign through Hillsong Church was where I first just heard about, but really started read, learn, and get involved as my best friend began to tell me more of what she was reading, learning & getting involved in. My youth pastor Audra, friend Jessi & I have such a passion to first bring awareness to the high-school/young adults with the ultimate goal of an ignite of passion in them that will cause an action great or small 🙂

  7. Katherine A says

    I first learnt about human trafficking through reading reports from places like Operation Mobilisation, and Tearfund.

  8. I learned about human trafficking about 2 years ago when I saw a special on children in Thailand being sold into the sex trafficking trade. It raised my awareness on the entire matter.

  9. Lynne Vance says

    i had seen the movie human trafficking and taken and have always had a fear of this going on. as a mother of a 10 yr old daughter this is a subject that we have talked about often. we had speakers @ our church missions to let people be aware that this really is happening everywhere.

  10. Steph_shops2001 says

    At Regent university in my gene 101 class.

  11. I heard about this through Beauty From Ashes facebook page.  This particular issue is one that is very close to home for me.  

  12. Girl4god100 says

    In 2001, I first became aware of the heinous crime of human trafficking after reading several stories about the trafficked girls rescued by Shared Hope International.   A decade later, I remain grateful for all that Linda Smith has done and can’t wait to read her new book!

  13. Amie Hamilton says

    I first learned about trafficking I want to say in High School.  But I don’t remember how or when.  Lately though through the A21 campaign and ladies from my church, I’m becoming much more educated on it.