Prayer Guides

72 Daily Prayer Points

The 72 Daily Prayer Points is a daily guide to help you know how, who, and what to pray for as you join the 72 Days for Freedom, “asking Jesus to break the chains of slavery and bring rescue, healing, and change.”

The 72 Days for Freedom was a part of the Passion Freedom Campaign. That campaign is now over, but the prayer guide is still worth downloading and using.

Original source: 268 Generation

Download this prayer guide (PDF)

The A21 Prayer Guide

The A21 Prayer Guide is an informational guide to help you pray for the victims of human trafficking, for the traffickers, for governments, against root causes, for increased global awareness, for the Church, and for the A21 Campaign.

Original source: The A21 Campaign

Download this prayer guide (PDF)

The Salvation Army Prayer Guide for the Victims of Sex Trafficking

The Prayer Guide for the Victims of Sex Trafficking is a resource from The Salvation Army that includes prayer requests, Scripture passages to prepare your heart and mind for prayer, and much more information about sex trafficking including: Defining the Problem, Scope of the Problem, Demand, and Impact.

Original source: The Salvation Army

Download this prayer guide (PDF)

She Is Priceless Devotional

The She Is Priceless Devotional from is a 5-day devotional designed to lead you through identifying with and praying for victims of sex trafficking. Each day includes a Scenario, how to Imagine yourself in the scenario, Suggested Reading, a Statistic to think on that day, Scriptures to study, and a Prayer Focus.

Original source: She Is Priceless

Download this prayer guide (PDF)

IJM Prayer Guide for the Abolition of Slavery

The Prayer Guide for the Abolition of Slavery from International Justice Mission is both informative and insightful for praying about modern-day slavery, and lists specific ways you can partner with IJM in prayer. It also includes some facts about two common forms of modern-day slavery, forced labor and forced prostitution, and what IJM is doing to stop these forms of slavery by freeing the victims and bringing the slaveholders and perpetrators to justice.

Original source: International Justice Mission

Download this prayer guide (PDF)