A Video Interview with Conor Grennan, Author of ‘Little Princes’

Little PrincesAs a follow-up to my post, ‘Books About Human Trafficking, Modern-Day Slavery, and Social Justice in 2011’, I thought I’d share some more information on some of the books that I listed there.  Last week I shared some videos about Not in My Town.  This week I thought I’d share a video I came across about Conor Grennan, the author of Little Princes.  Check out this short bio, Conor Grennan: Bringing Home the Little Princes, and watch the video interview below.  Also, check out Conor’s organization, Next Generation Nepal, to find out more about his work in reuniting trafficked children with their families.

Check back next week for another author interview.


  1. Oh good. I love videos. That’s really great that he went around the world and I am glad that things happened that humbled him instead of impressing his friends. I am glad that he has exposed the truth about what happens to so many kids. Too many people don’t know these things happen. That is so sad that the kids hardly have food to eat and are suffering such horrific things!! I can understand how it would take a long time for people to say what happened to them. They might be ashamed too of what they went through.  ahh seeing this makes me want to read the book even more.  In a few months I will! hehe.

    • Hey Victoria!  It is really neat to hear people share their experiences, and I agree, seeing and hearing an author share their heart makes you want to read their book even more!  🙂