A Couple Videos About the Book ‘Not in My Town’

Not In My TownNot in My Town

Not in My Town includes discussion questions and a DVD to use with a small group. Watch the videos below for more information from the authors . . .

Also, check out Mercy Movement, the authors’ organization working to abolish human trafficking and slavery.


  1. Thanks for the comments about our book and DVD!


    • You are most welcome :).  I just started reading the book and I’m looking forward to reading it along with watching the DVD!  Thanks for commenting and for your desire and determination to end human trafficking!

  2. sounds like they have a lot of great sessions. Wow. that is so sad about that Motel issue and how they were there when a murder occurred. I never heard of the Mercy Movement. Sounds great. It is good to see guys standing up against these issues since men are so involved in harming women. It shows that men can stand up against such evils.