A Little More Priceless

If you haven’t read Priceless yet, I really encourage you to do so.  Not only is it a very well-written book that grabs your attention with the first page and keeps it until the end, it is also an eye-opening and informative book about the reality of sex trafficking.

Priceless takes you on a heartbreaking yet hopeful journey through Russia and into the dark world of sex trafficking.  There, you will encounter girls who are enslaved in the sex trade, and you will get a glimpse of the terror and suffering they have to live through every day.  But you will also encounter people who go out and rescue them, bring them to safety, and care for them.

Tom Davis has taken a difficult topic and written a compelling story of courage, suffering, rescue, compassion, healing, and hope.  Take the journey!  Read the book and join the fight to stop sex trafficking!

Take a look at my other post about Priceless and visit the She Is Priceless website to learn more about this book, the issue of sex trafficking, and what you can do about it.

Tom has put together five great videos that go behind the scenes to various settings in the book.  The first two are in my previous post about Priceless and here are the rest . . . Enjoy!


  1. thank you SO much for this post! You have done a great job sharing not only the book, but the issue behind it!

    I work with Tom at HopeChest and would love to help you or any of your readers get engaged in this issue! Feel free to email me any time brandi@hopechest.org


  2. Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement Brandi!