Amazing Grace

So how did I become aware of  modern-day slavery?  My journey actually began with someone who fought against slavery in Great Britain from about 1787 until his death in 1833.  His name is William Wilberforce.  I had heard of William Wilberforce and was familiar with his connection to slavery, but after watching the movie, Amazing Grace, and listening to the Radio Theatre Audio Dramas of Amazing Grace, I decided I should read a biography of this man’s life.  I am glad I did.  He was a great man who did great things.  More to come on the biography . . .

For now, I will highlight the movie and CDs.  The movie, Amazing Grace, portrays William Wilberforce’s life in the British Parliament and his passionate fight to abolish the African slave trade.  He spent many hard years enduring sickness and opposition while persevering to bring an end to slavery.  It is a movie with a heroic story and a victorious ending!

Radio Theatre Audio Dramas are “A movie that plays on the biggest screen of all . . . your imagination.”  Amazing Grace includes three separate stories of three men who were all connected to slavery in some way.  All three of these men are also in the movie.

John Newton was a slave trader and slave ship captain, but God saved him and used him as a pastor and mentor to William Wilberforce.  He also wrote the words to the hymn “Amazing Grace.”

Olaudah Equiano was a slave who purchased his freedom and wrote a book about his life and the brutality of slavery.  He was a Christian who was very involved in the abolitionist movement in Britain.

The story of William Wilberforce presented here is of his early years in Parliament but more importantly of his conversion to Christianity and the beginning of his involvement in bringing the slave trade to an end.  Click here to listen to behind the scenes and samples of these stories.

These are very inspiring, captivating and engaging dramas!  Excellent!