What? Really? Slavery Still Exists? So What Can I Do About It?

When I first found out that slavery is still going on today, I was shocked.  I thought it ended over a hundred years ago.  Then, when I started reading books about modern-day slavery, not only was I shocked, I was and still am heartbroken.

It has been estimated that 27 million people are enslaved today all over the world.  Men, women and children are being terribly abused and mistreated.  They are bought and sold.  They are trapped in human trafficking.  My heart breaks for them.  What could I do for them?

After pondering and praying about this, I realized there are a few things I can do.  I can pray for those who are suffering in slavery and for the people working to rescue them.  I can financially support ministries and organizations like IJM whose mission is to bring freedom and justice to slaves and the oppressed.  I can read books to stay informed and share what I learn with others.  Hopefully God will use these things to help bring justice and freedom to people trapped in modern-day slavery.

Check out my pages on books and websites to see how you too can be involved in helping end modern-day slavery.

“Seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.”  Isaiah 1:17