Ways Human Traffickers Lure Youth: #1 ~ Boyfriending

Human traffickers use a variety of tactics to lure young people to unknowingly become their victims.  For the next few days I’m going to share short videos about these tactics from Be the Jam, a new website for teens to teach them about the dangers and lures of human traffickers and to hopefully help them protect themselves and their friends from human trafficking.

Human trafficker tactic #1 is boyfriending.  Visit Be the Jam to watch the video and for more information about human trafficking and human trafficker tactics.


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  1. this goes so in line with Renting Lacy (which I just finished reading, by the way!)

    I never heard of Be The Jam! Thanks!

  2. I am considering approaching my supervisor about partnering with the juvenile detention centers to start a youth group as a preventative measure to human trafficking for chronic runaway youth, youth involved in trafficking, or youth deemed at risk for exploitation via human trafficking. Any suggestions for making my case considering we are funded to provide case management to victims of trafficking. We have a reactive program versus proactive. Well I take that back we are proactive in some area.

    • I think a youth group is a great idea!  Having a support group like that, especially where the youth feel loved and accepted in a good, healthy, positive group, is a good way to protect them from trafficking.