4 Sisters 4 Freedom ~ Crocheting for a Cause

4 Sisters 4 Freedom is a combination of passions and talents brought together for the cause of ending modern-day slavery and human trafficking.  My four daughters enjoy crocheting, so we decided to combine their passion and talent for crocheting, my passion to fight slavery, my husband’s talent for building websites, and all of our desire to help bring an end to slavery and start 4 Sisters 4 Freedom ~ Crocheting for a Cause.

The mission of 4 Sisters 4 Freedom is . . .

Simply stated, our mission is to raise money (and awareness) to help support organizations that are actively working to stop modern-day slavery and human trafficking.  As of this writing, 50% of the gross profits from the sale of the items we are making and selling here has been and will be donated to the following organizations:  Children’s HopeChest, International Justice Mission, Love146, Shared Hope International, and Stop Child Trafficking Now.

A dear, sweet friend of our family has been so supportive of our efforts and has written the kindest note to share with her friends about what we are doing, and she has graciously allowed me to share it here . . .

Hi!  I wanted to tell you about 4 adorable little girls who live in South Dakota, ages 9 (twins), 11 and 12.  These girls are some of the most extraordinary young people I’ve ever met; avid readers, talented artists and compassionate human beings.  This year, during the holiday season, they decided that they wanted to do something different  – something that might make a difference in the world.  They examined the issues that they care about (seriously – these children are informed!) and decided that what upsets them most in the world is the trafficking of people (especially children) for sale into slavery and the sex trade.  (If you aren’t aware of how endemic this problem is, please visit:  aheartforjustice.com.  You will be shocked!)

So, instead of getting and giving gifts this past Christmas, these girls established the website:  www.4sisters4freedom.com.  They’ve put their talents to work knitting and crocheting hats, baby clothes, dolls, scarves, blankets, etc.  Their work is gorgeous! And I know you’ll find the prices pleasing.  (Check out the photos on the site – you’ll be amazed!)  (It helps that dad is a web designer – he built the site for them.)  Proceeds from the sales of these items goes to support the work of organizations whose goal is to stop the slave trade.

I wish I could introduce you to these children in person; meeting them might change your world.  I know it did mine!

Please visit the site . . . I’m hoping you’ll be inspired to visit AND buy some of their hand-made goods.

We, as a family, have been working hard these last few months to get our “project” going, so please take a few minutes to visit our website, learn more about us, check out our selection of crocheted products, join our facebook page, read testimonials, and support us in our efforts to help bring freedom to victims of slavery and human trafficking!


  1. Thanks for posting this – how awesome to see such young girls with a heart for the hurting and willing to do something about it!! They are an encouragment to me 🙂

  2. Lydia Brewer says

    WOW!!! That’s Great I am doing my senior project for high school on crocheting and i was checking out ? to ask and one of them is “Is their groups who crochet for a cause?” this is what I found. Hoping you don’t mind for me to use your site as a source for my project?