Forsaken Generation

Out on the streets, homeless kids face many dangers such as violence, rape, drugs, gangs, sickness, disease, physical and sexual assault, exploitation, and human trafficking.  Take a look at my other post about homeless youth and human trafficking to learn about a few facts and stats as well as some organizations working to help kids who are homeless.

One organization I mentioned, Forsaken Generation, is dedicated to ending youth homelessness and child sex trafficking in the United States.  Check out their new video and visit their website and YouTube Channel for more information and ways you can get involved.

Here are some staggering statistics from their website . . .

Right here in the United States, there are well over 1.5 million children that are homeless. Many recent studies suggest there are up to as many as 2.8 million children who are homeless. Even more stunning is the fact that 42% of those kids are actually under the age of 6 years old. 32% of them are forced to participate in sexual activity against their will. Many fall victim to the horrors of sex trafficking. A third of them will become so hopeless they will attempt suicide. 13 homeless children will die every day.