Homeless Youth and Human Trafficking

More than one million kids are homeless and living on the streets in America.  Many kids leave home because of physical, sexual, drug, and alcohol abuse in the home.  Others are thrown out of the home or abandoned on the streets.

Within 48 hours of leaving home, 1 out of 3 kids will become a victim of human trafficking, most likely forced prostitution and sexual exploitation.  Traffickers target these homeless kids because they are vulnerable, desperate, and easily fooled.

Homeless youth live in dirty, dangerous, violent, and scary situations, and they need our help.

Many organizations across America are working to help homeless youth in various ways.  A few that have recently come to my attention are Covenant House, Forsaken Generation, and Los Angeles Youth Network.

Covenant House

Covenant House has helped over a million homeless and runaway youth in over 35 years.  Last year alone they helped 70,000 youth.  Covenant House has “houses” in 20 cities in the US, Canada, and Central America to help homeless kids.  They also have a crisis hotline, called the NINELINE, to help kids and parents.  That number is 1-800-999-9999.  Check out Covenant House’s website to learn more about them and their mission and vision. You can also find out facts about homeless kids, the crisis of teen homelessness, how human trafficking hurts homeless kids, and much more.

Forsaken Generation

The Forsaken Generation Project is a nationwide effort dedicated to ending youth homelessness and child sex trafficking in the United States. Our organization collaborates with local organizations and shelters across the country to create solutions, increase awareness, raise financial support and build a better future for the nation’s homeless youth.

Check out their website to learn more about them, find out about homelessness in your state, and more.

Los Angeles Youth Network

More than 10,000 youth sleep on the streets of LA each night.  LAYN provides hope and a home for these kids.  You can learn about them here and find out what they do here.