Agape International Missions

As a follow-up to my last post, I thought I’d focus a bit more on Agape International Missions.  AIM is a ministry in Cambodia whose mission is to prevent child sex trafficking and restore hope to victims by providing aftercare for rescued girls, getting the church involved, and building community centers.  From their website:

It is our vision to see Jesus Christ, through his church, defeat the evil of child sex trafficking in Cambodia. Christ’s church is his people…you and us. We invite you to partner with us in ending this travesty against children and restoring hope to their broken lives and hope to the future of the people of Cambodia.

Agape Restoration Center is an aftercare shelter where girls, rescued from sex slavery, are safe, loved, cared for, and taught about Jesus Christ.

Rahab’s House is a former brothel that International Justice Mission raided and emptied of child sex slaves.  It was locked up for five years before AIM leased the building and turned it into a community center.  People from surrounding communities often come from miles away to receive free health care and food.  Rahab’s House also holds a club for kids and a church service on Sundays where the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared.

Visit AIM’s website and watch the following videos to learn more about this ministry and the various ways they are helping people in Cambodia . . .