CNN Features Aaron Cohen on "World’s Untold Stories: Innocence for Sale"

Aaron Cohen, from Abolish Slavery Coalition, goes undercover to Cambodia to gather evidence of human trafficking and to rescue young girls out of slavery.

You can see his undercover work and learn about the sad, heartbreaking and unspeakable tragedy of human trafficking and modern-day slavery on CNN’s “World’s Untold Stories.”  You can watch it here or on CNN on Saturday, Jan 30th: 12:30PM ET and Sunday, Jan 31st: 7:00AM, 2:30PM, & 10:30PM ET.  Here’s the preview . . .

Although I don’t agree with everything presented in this documentary, it is good to see people working to rescue slaves.

Thank you, Aaron, for rescuing girls and restoring their freedom!


  1. Mick Shiodah says

    Attn: Aaron Cohen & colleagues,

    I have been watching your stories on CNN, and I want to say how moving your reports have been.

    God bless you for your commitment, your effort, and your genuine human approach. Each story breaks my heart, and the reporting from you and your team makes me believe in humanity again.

    Thank you so…



    • Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that the stories about slavery are terribly heartbreaking. I, too, am so thankful that people, like Aaron and many others, are willing and able to rescue children out of slavery.

      If you’d like to contact Aaron directly, I think you could do that through