The Freedom Series: Book #1 ~ Deliver Me From Evil

Deliver Me From EvilIn my last post, I shared about The Freedom Series, a new series of novels about human trafficking by Kathi Macias.  I have since read the first book, Deliver Me From Evil, and I highly recommend it!

Kathi Macias has written not only an engaging and compelling story, but also a heart-breaking and heart-stirring one.  As I was reading Deliver Me From Evil, my heart broke once again for girls who are trapped in sex slavery both in America and across the world.  What an indescribable tragedy!  But my heart was also stirred up again to continue to do what I can to take part in abolishing modern-day slavery.

I loved the way Kathi wove together the stories of the various characters.  What a great picture of how God orchestrates things to carry out His plans.  As you read the book, you’ll find yourself learning about human trafficking right along with some of the characters in the book, and hopefully asking yourself how you could get involved in abolition.  Deliver Me From Evil is a story of struggle, heartache, tragedy, and questioning, but also of courage, faith, determination, and hope.

Sex slavery is a tragedy that cannot be ignored!  I encourage you to please pick up this book, read it, and do what you can to help end sex slavery!

Thank you, Kathi, for this excellent book!  I look forward to reading the next two!