Free to Live Tour

Free to Live imageThe Free to Live Tour, a free event sponsored by Children’s HopeChest, is hitting the eastern U.S. from May 11-15, 2011, to raise awareness about sex slavery and give people an opportunity to get involved in the fight to stop it and help bring freedom and protection to orphans.

From the Free to Live Tour website . . .

The Free To Live Tour:

We are free from injustice. Free from being captured and forced into prostitution and rape and slavery. We are free to come and go as we please. Free to move, and free to live.

We were freed to bring freedom to others. Rescued to rescue. Redeemed to redeem.

They are orphans who are hungry, thirsty, dirty, sick, sold into sex slavery, . . . dying.

We can bring freedom to these children. We can bring the freedom of Christ to their lives.

Join us in the fight to save these children by attending the Free To Live Tour supporting Children’s HopeChest and featuring:

*Desperation Band

*Meredith Andrews

*Tom Davis (author, speaker and activist)

This is a free night of worship and action! Bring your entire family to this event, so see you there!

Visit Free to Live Tour to learn more about the tour, and check out Tom Davis’ 10 reasons you should go. If you live in Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, or Alabama, get your free tickets!

Here’s the Free to Live Tour video promo . . .