The A21 Campaign’s Key2Free

On October 21, 2010, you can do something to help spread awareness about human trafficking.  Wear a key necklace.  The A21 Campaign has started a movement called Key2Free to join people together to take a stand for freedom and justice and take a stand against slavery and human trafficking.

KEY2FREE is a global initiative made up of abolitionists who are committed to stand for JUSTICE; who refuse to let their generation be ENSLAVED.

Key2Free is an opportunity for abolitionists to raise awareness about human trafficking by wearing a key necklace as a symbol for freedom and telling others that 27 million people are enslaved all over the world today.  Check out Key2Free to find out more about it and how you can join the movement and help spread the word.  You can also order an official A21 Key2Free necklace!

If you’d like to learn even more ways to stand for justice and freedom and help fight the injustice of human trafficking, check out The A21 Campaign’s 21 ways to help.