Taking Part in the Fight to Abolish Modern-day Slavery and Human Trafficking

There are so many different ways to take part in the fight to abolish modern-day slavery and human trafficking.  Here are just some of the ways people and organizations are working to fight for justice and bring an end to slavery and trafficking . . .

  • education
  • prevention
  • rescue
  • aftercare/restoration
  • stopping demand
  • research/investigation
  • spreading awareness
  • going after predators/prosecuting perpetrators
  • law enforcement/justice systems
  • working with governments
  • helping the poor, orphans and widows
  • helping homeless youth
  • protection
  • prayer
  • advocacy
  • legal aid
  • financial support

Not everyone can do everything, but we can all do something.  We each have different gifts and passions that we can use in the battle for justice and the abolition of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.  What part could you take?

Check out these organizations that are working in various ways to abolish slavery and human trafficking and help support them in their efforts.