Signs of Child and Sex Trafficking

I wrote about recognizing victims of human trafficking and reporting it in previous posts, but I thought I would share some more helpful information, because it doesn’t hurt to be reminded again about this topic.

First, a quick refresher on some facts about child trafficking.  Here are some links to the Stop Child Trafficking Now website for information about child trafficking and child trafficking statistics.  Some facts about human trafficking and sex trafficking can also be found on the Beauty From Ashes website.

Tragically, as I wrote about in my last post, children are being sold for sex.  They are targets for sex trafficking because they are vulnerable and gullible and easily deceived and manipulated.  There is also a growing demand for young victims.

There are some informative resources available to learn and recognize the signs of child and sex trafficking.  The US Department of Education has a fact sheet for schools called, “Human Trafficking of Children in the United States.” In it, you can learn more about human trafficking, how to identify a possible victim, and how to report it.

The A21 Campaign website has a resource called, “Signs of Sex Trafficking,” which lists clues as well as some helpful questions you can ask someone to discern if they may be a victim of human trafficking. You can also see a list of emergency contacts for phone numbers to report trafficking around the world.

This is such a disturbing subject, yet it needs to be discussed so that children can be rescued from this horrendous and outrageous crime of child sex trafficking.