Top 10 Facts About Modern-day Slavery

  • Slavery: forced to work without pay under threat of violence and unable to walk away.
  • 27 million slaves in the world today.
  • Slavery is not legal anywhere but happens everywhere.
  • The majority of slaves can be found in India and in African countries.
  • At least 14,500 slaves are trafficked into the US each year.
  • Slaves work in fields, brothels, homes, mines, restaurants – anywhere slave owners can feed their greed.
  • Human trafficking is the modern-day slave trade.
  • $90 is the average cost of a human slave around the world.
  • Slave owners use many terms to avoid the word slavery: debt bondage, bonded labor, attached labor, restavec, forced labor, indentured servitude, and human trafficking.
  • It is possible to end slavery in 25 years.  Everyone has a role to play – government, business, international organizations, consumers, YOU.

Check out these top 10 facts about modern-day slavery and where it is happening around the world at the Free the Slaves website.  Learn how you can get involved in bringing freedom to slaves and join Free the Slaves in their plan to end slavery!