Love146 is an organization that is working to abolish child slavery and exploitation through prevention and aftercare.   They quote Martin Luther King Jr. as saying, “Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.”  Love is their motivation.

Lamont Hiebert, co-founder of Love146, speaks about Love146 and  the devastating facts of modern-day slavery and human trafficking around the world in this 10 minute video.  Please watch it.  It is heartbreaking, but it will open your eyes to the overwhelming injustice of slavery.  I hope, after hearing the story behind the name Love146, you will want to get involved in the fight for justice.

Please take some time to look through the Love146 website.  It is packed with information about child slavery, stories of slaves and abolitionists, videos, and ways you can get involved in bringing hope, love and restoration to children who have suffered so terribly in slavery.