A Video Interview with Ashley Judd, Author of ‘All That is Bitter and Sweet’

All That is Bitter and SweetContinuing with my “series” on ‘Books About Human Trafficking, Modern-Day Slavery, and Social Justice in 2011′ . . .

Another book that I listed in my post, ‘Books About Human Trafficking, Modern-Day Slavery, and Social Justice in 2011′, is Ashley Judd’s memoir, All That is Bitter and Sweet.  Just like last week’s post, I found a short bio, Ashley Judd: Sounding the Alarm on Human Trafficking, and a couple of videos about the book and author.  The first video is an interview and the second is a trailer for the book.  Visit Ashley Judd’s website to learn more about her and her book.

  • http://tiedemanntribe.blogspot.com/ JusticePirate

    Is Ashley Judd a Christian? Just wondering since she mentioned Christianity and is on CBN and mentioned what it states in the Bible.  I love how she said, “the choiceless choice” which is a term I never thought about before. She seriously explained so much with insane knowledge of it not only from knowing about it but from seeing it. 

    I think I signed that hope for congo petition. I remember posting about the minerals a while back on my facebook.  “I also have a sensitivity to it because I breathe the air of humanity” right on!!!!

    • http://aheartforjustice.com A Heart for Justice

      Hey Victoria!  I don’t know if she is a Christian.  I wondered that myself, but I’m not sure.  Thanks for your comment!